Audiences, Activation, and Acquisition

Listen to part one of the Audiences, Activation, and Acquisition episode of the podcast to hear Don talk about the following topics, and more:

– What’s different about the customer journey now that we’re 3 years post the beginning of COVID and how should brands target new or evolved audiences?
– To ensure you’re reaching your highest potential customers, what considerations should brands put at the forefront of their strategy?
– How do market insights and voice of customer (VOC) data differ?

Listen to part two to hear Don’s answers to:

– Once you’ve defined target audiences, how do you convert them?
– For companies that are going through mergers, acquisitions, and/or rebrands, what types of questions should leadership ask themselves as they transition their brand and customers?
– How do you ensure the adoption of your go-to-market strategy or brand messaging across your entire organization?
– What are the top things a brand can do now or in the future to stand out from competitors as they pursue their customer acquisition goals?

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