Client engagements are often conducted confidentially, with proprietary results. However, the following provides summary descriptions of some recent engagements:

  • Strategic planning support for a two-week $20 million marketing event in Germany, encompassing competitive frame analysis, pre-event positioning, messaging testing, customer intercepts in the field, and daily executive briefings on messaging effectiveness.
  • Development of a sales training program for a software company, featuring competitive frame analysis, a positioning review, and assistance in creating presentations and training workshops involving partners and experts from the company’s sales, marketing, and engineering divisions.
  • Strategic sourcing assistance for document services for a medical communications publisher, involving a needs assessment, identification of technology and service providers, development of a request for proposal (RFP), web-based RFP development and proposal assessment, and vendor selection support.
  • Strategic positioning and brand image analysis for the vice president of marketing of a $6 billion division of a Fortune 100 company, involving brand awareness analysis, consideration rate assessment, purchase decision factor investigation, and market share analysis for three major product lines based on data from 28 focus groups and a survey of over 280 individuals conducted in six cities across four countries over a six-week period.
  • Assessment and recommendations for an Internet-based community website development, encompassing a detailed technical, editorial, design, and utility analysis, development of detailed functional and technical specifications, and creation of an RFP document used to solicit bids for site development and maintenance.
  • Positioning assessment and marketing communication strategy recommendations based on positioning workshops, focus group research, awareness/consideration surveys, and the development of detailed marketing communication guidelines.
  • Due diligence review of a software product for a venture capital fund, involving a technical analysis of the product, a review of relevant patents in the category, an analysis of competitive offerings, and interviews with beta sites and prospective users about requirements, customer expectations, and purchase intent.
  • Development of a market attack plan for a digital imaging systems developer, featuring competitive assessments, recruitment of alpha and beta test sites, production of proof source case studies, development of sales training materials, and coordination of print, video, and interactive marketing collateral production.
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support in a matter related to business processes employing e-commerce technology.
  • Strategic planning support for a client seeking to expand market share, including due diligence review of acquisition/joint venture candidates.
  • Strategic planning advisory services for a Fortune 100 company’s direct response relationship marketing program, using extensive quantitative telephone surveys and database enrichment combined with advanced data analysis to identify high-potential prospects and develop just-in-time/just-for-you communications.